End of session Program 2014/2015

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Teachers are the beacon of scholarship and academic discipline. They are at the forefront though often neglected in some societies. Here at Pine Valley High, we hold them in high esteem. We salute you just as demonstrated in our school anthem!  We respect you all our  teachers, as we owe all the transformation of these students to your efforts and dedication, counseling and mentoring. We appreciate the key roles the Principal in particular,  as well as all of you have played in the lives of these students. One thing is certain; a role model can be anybody: a parent, a sibling or friend, but some of our most influential and life changing role models are teachers. We thank you for making these ones to become productive, for building them towards becoming future leaders and for teaching them to aspire to contribute and give back something positive to their communities. May the good Lord prosper you and your families, bless the works of your hands and grant you peace in the name of Jesus!.

Finally,on behalf of me husband and I,  we thank all who in one way or the other, have contributed to the growth and development of PINE VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL. It is our prayer that God will crown all our collective efforts with success and continue to strengthen and grant us the knowledge, resources and blessings to position the school as a unique academic centre where excellence, godliness and integrity truly is the overriding watchword.

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