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In the past one year, the good Lord has manifested himself to us in diverse ways: we have been able to add value to the lives of each of our students in ways beyond our imagination. Our children have been truly impacted in knowledge, character and skills in our  goal aim of producing the total person. This we have been able to achieve through our various activities and programmes in the course of the academic session. Attainment of our set goals would not have been an easy one but for the extent that all members of the school community have become involved in the life of the school. I want to put on record my appreciation of the  invaluable contributions of all categories of staff of this institution and trust we shall continue to count on you all for support in the task ahead. 
To our distinguished parents, the appreciation of all our staff from grounds men to cafeteria as well as academic staff,  is sacrosanct because, it is our goal in Pine Valley to set benchmarks by which other schools can be measured and all hands must be on deck to achieve this lofty ideals. Our dear parents, in selecting Pine Valley High School, for your children therefore, you have chosen a school noted for its innovation and dedication to providing education not only for academic purpose and relevance, but for life.
Having gone thus far from our modest beginning, it is crucial and worthwhile that we let you all know what our goals are for the next session. As part of our activities for next session, we intend to set  reaching attainable goals and  as well as work harder to take our students and the school  to the next level of greatness. By this we intend to dedicate ourselves to students-centred activities, promote academic excellence through enriched teaching, intensive interdisciplinary curriculum and many more. We are aware that this is not an easy task, but with the help of the Almighty God and the support of all our parents, especially in encouraging our students by visits, checking their class notes and academic records, as well as  availing us any suggestion and information to better serve you so as to achieve our aim for the provision of a high quality education that you all deserve.
At this juncture, let me address our student body: as a founder  and Managing Director, one of what gives me joy is to see smiles on your faces. I feel absolutely fulfilled each time I come in your presence and indeed better compared to whenever I stand in the presence of undergraduate university students, among whom I haf taught over the last thirty years of my university teaching.  This is because of your young and indeed innocent lives, which could easily be molded sharpened and sharpened, compare to those of some adult university students minds, which are already sharpened, and not malleable to teaching! In short I am proud of  all of you as you have been wonderful pioneers, and path finders for others to follow. You are a pace-setter worthy of emulation. Just as we have simple majority, so also we have foolish majority. For us, the number that commenced academic activities heralding the commencement of the school is immaterial. It is the quality and soundness of mind of the few that has been our joy in the past one year. We are proud of you and believe strongly that you will all achieve greatness in life in the name of Jesus! You have not disappointed us in this journey to greatness in life, and you will not be disappointed in life in the name of Jesus! I want to challenge and encourage you to keep your faith alive as you to look forward to highly intensive and challenging academic programme that will push you beyond your limits. Let me now challenge you as you go home to rest on this holiday. As you go, let your life be a channel of blessing to others and let the love of God flow through you.  It is our belief that you will all go back to your various destination to be the light and affect others positively. We charge you to use your holiday period wisely in preparing for the next academic session. May the Lord guide and protect you safely in the hollow of his hands in the name of Jesus! Amen and amen.
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Admission Screening Date

Saturday, July 04, 2015
Saturday, Aug. 22, 2015
and other dates as would be published.

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Interested candidates are to pay N5000 (five thousand naira only) into Pine Valley Global Services account at any branch of ECO Bank Plc. (Account Number: 4793004666)

Thereafter, process the admission form through any of the following three methods:

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Admission into JSS1 & 2

Pine Valley High School, located in Egbeda, Oyo State, Nigeria, co-educational and boarding, is set to commence academic activities soon.

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Teachers are the beacon of scholarship and academic discipline. They are at the forefront though often neglected in some societies. Here at Pine Valley High, we hold them in high esteem. We salute you just as demonstrated in our school anthem!  We respect you all our  teachers, as we owe all the transformation of these students to your efforts and dedication, counseling and mentoring. We appreciate the key roles the Principal in particular,  as well as all of you have played in the lives of these students. One thing is certain; a role model can be anybody: a parent, a sibling or friend, but some of our most influential and life changing role models are teachers. We thank you for making these ones to become productive, for building them towards becoming future leaders and for teaching them to aspire to contribute and give back something positive to their communities. May the good Lord prosper you and your families, bless the works of your hands and grant you peace in the name of Jesus!.

Finally,on behalf of me husband and I,  we thank all who in one way or the other, have contributed to the growth and development of PINE VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL. It is our prayer that God will crown all our collective efforts with success and continue to strengthen and grant us the knowledge, resources and blessings to position the school as a unique academic centre where excellence, godliness and integrity truly is the overriding watchword.

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